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Thanks for visiting our email sign up page, we have a few questions for you given this is the first time we’re meeting you! This will help us as we make big decisions around where we fly to, and also help to make sure we send you only what’s relevant….

why we need this

Why do we need this?

So that over time, as we announce our destinations we can make sure we let you know if we’re flying from your local airport. If you don’t live in Australia but you’re really interested in hearing our news please select “overseas” from the drop down then type country.

if you are living in a country other than Australia please type the country you live in, instead of your postcode.

Please check you’ve typed it correctly as we can’t contact you if not - and that would not be Bonza….

Only if you have time, we’d love you to share a little bit more about yourself

If you don’t have time then click the “send my information to Bonza” button below. If you do have time - Bonza!


Before you send this information to Bonza we need you to know the steps we take to look after your data….all of that information is in the links below.

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