Questions you may have for us

Where will you be flying to?

Visit our app (download from the apple or android store ) to view our route network – in the app we share with you everywhere we will be flying to and from as part of our launch route map…..we can’t wait to see you onboard?

When will your flights be on sale?

We will be on sale shortly, keep checking out this page or our app for the latest details. We plan to be on sale very soon…. This website is where we will be keeping you posted on updates, including when flights will be on sale, when our first flights will take off and where to!

I would love to be part of the Bonza team, how do I search for roles available and apply?

We’re so happy to hear of your interest in becoming part of the Bonza team. Please use our website Jobs page to register your interest.

We are really looking forward to bringing low fares to more of Australia soon and it will be our Bonza team that make this possible so thanks again – keep checking here!

Where is your Head Office?

Bonza will be allowing people from across Allstralia to work for us in a variety of exciting roles. Our Head Office will be based on The Sunshine Coast and will be a drop in centre for many of our team to connect.

What aircraft will you be operating?

Our future customers will be flying to Bonza destinations on brand new 737-8 MAX aircraft.

Will baggage and seat selection be included in my flight price?

The answer is no, we don’t believe you should pay for what you don’t need. Our “customer choice” model means that you only pay for what you want. It will always be cheaper to select options such as check-in baggage or choosing a preferred seat location during the time of booking, via the Bonza app.

Will you be flying Internationally?

Bonza’s mission is focused on Australia domestic flying – we want to give Aussies the chance to see more of their own backyard for less

Did this answer your questions? If not…reach out directly